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Do you feel fat? Ah ha!! I see I now have your attention !!

You’re having one of those days yet again. You’ve got the “I am feeling really fat today” blues. I think we have all felt this way one day or another within our lives.  We feel no matter how many times we hear from our husband or spouse who tells us were not fat, or our selection of our daily clothes, you still feel fat. As big as a whale and any minute you could burst.

If only we could flip a switch and turn into a man. Ditch the too shirt, too tight clothes and obsess about little other than the number one thought that goes though a man’s mind daily and that is sex. But we can’t. Unfortunately ladies we all have to confront our feelingss, and with a little motivation and soul-searching you can dump those body blues and focus on what’s important. Do you know what that is? Ladies it’s all about being a healthy weight whatever that weight may be as long as you are happy.

Do you think men constantly look themselves in the mirror, pitch at their belly fat and give themselves a title as being a two ton truck? Rarely.  In some case studies women spend 70% of their day fixated on degrading their appearance. Yet who sets the standards for what looks good or bad? See how unique each of you are and embrace you curves but if you really I mean really feel like you want to lose weight try Slim Ultra ( its on our site) . It’s an option I ‘m just stating my views and trying to encourage women to remember it’s not always the outside that matters but how we feel on the inside.